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Antacid Gum

CATEGORY : Nutraceuticals



STRENGTH : Calcium carbonate chewing gum

FSSAI No. : 10012022001255


LABEL CLAIM : Each tablet contains calcium carbonate Active ingredient


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Candico India Limited

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1000 Available
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  • Brand Name (If already marketed) Candico
    Mfg. Formula (Qualitative / Quantative) Avaliable
    Brief manufacturing process (Flow chart) Avaliable
    Manufacturing cycle time (Mfg lead time) 60 DAYS
    Minimum & Maximum commercial batch size Min.1.8 L-Max. 2.25 L
    Annual capacity 1100 Tons
    List of Equipment's Avaliable
    Process Validation Report for review (In case PV already completed) Not Avaliable
    Process controls (CPP) Avaliable
    Executed BMR and BPR for review Avaliable
    Stability data in final pack (Long Term/intermediate/Accelerated) Not Avaliable
    B.Size of stability batches 3 KG
    B.Size Scale-Up capacity Not Avaliable
    In-vitro release profile : (If applicable) Not Avaliable
    Innovator or Competitor Brand name (Used as reference) Not Avaliable
    Media-1 (Text Entry Field) Not Avaliable
    Media-2 (Text Entry Field) Not Avaliable
    Media-3 (Text Entry Field) Not Avaliable
    BE / CT study  report (If applicable) Not Avaliable
    Scale Up and Process Validation report Not Avaliable
    MSDS Avaliable
    Shelf life of the product in company letterhead Avaliable
  • Vendor details for Active Ingredients Avaliable
    Pharmacopoeial status In-House
    Specification (s) Avaliable
    Valid Reference standard/Working standard availability with CoA Avaliable
    Valid Impurity standard availability with CoA Avaliable
    Critical Quality Attribute (If any) Avaliable
    Excipient vendor details Avaliable
    Quality control Requirement Details Avaliable
    Active Ingredients Specification Avaliable
    Excipients Specification Avaliable
    In-process / Bulk Specification Avaliable
    Finished Product Specification Avaliable
    Shelf Life Specification Avaliable
    Active Ingredients Method Of Analysis Avaliable
    Excipients Method Of Analysis Avaliable
    In-process / Bulk Method Of Analysis Avaliable
    Finished Product Method Of Analysis Avaliable
    Shelf Life Method Of Analysis Avaliable
    Three batch samples (Acc/Near Exp/Fresh)in final pack (Equivalent of two times of complete analysis) Not Avaliable
    If Partner / Customer want to do joint analysis, will you provide suitable dates? Not Avaliable
  • Blend / Bulk Assay Method Not Avaliable
    FP / Stability Assay Method Not Avaliable
    Related Substances (Impurities) Not Avaliable
    Uniformity Of Dosage Units
    Dissolution Not Avaliable
    Res Solv (OVI) Not Avaliable
    Preservative content Not Avaliable
    Heavy metals Not Avaliable
    Identification Test Not Avaliable
    Others (If any) Not Avaliable
  • Manufacturing license with validity Avaliable
    Manufacturing license number Avaliable
    Location license (form 25, form 28 In case of India) Avaliable
    Stability Data Not Avaliable
    Long Term Stability Data Not Avaliable
    Accelerated Stability Data Not Avaliable
  • If Partner / Customer want to do Quality and Facility audit, will you provide suitable dates? Avaliable
    Launch period of the product (Lead Time) 60 Days
  • Generic Name Avaliable
    Dosage form Avaliable
    Label Claim (With special ingredients if added in the formulation) Avaliable
    Colours Avaliable
    Details of pack- Pack size and Type of pack Avaliable
    Warning as per DCGI Avaliable
    Directions for use if any Avaliable
    Storage condition and shelf life Avaliable
    Special warning if any Not Avaliable
    Packing material: Layouts, mock-ups (Sales and PS), leaflet in editable form. Avaliable
    Mfg. Address Avaliable
    Any other Text Matter for printing Avaliable
    List of approved vendors Avaliable

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