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Sopan is founder of Universal Catalyst LLP. He has spent 18+ years in pharmaceutical industry. He has expertise in areas that includes Quality Control, Analytical Research and Development, Research and Development (R&D) support for business acquisitions, brand acquisitions and Project Management for New Product Launches for India and Emerging Markets.

While working as a technical expert on outsourcing and in-licensing products, he has visited multiple CMO`s (Contract Manufacturing Organizations), CRO`s (Contract Research Organizations), Third Party Testing Laboratories and industry experts within and outside India.

The complex nature of the business and outsourcing related multiple challenges in front of CMO`s, CRO`s and Third-party Testing Laboratories are his area of expertise. Outsourcing industry needs support of technical/non-technical expertise to resolve critical product development issues, to resolve Analytical Method (development / validation / transfer) related issues, to take care of ever changing regulatory requirements, support for vendor audit, Support for regulatory audit etc. There is need to reduce the product cycle time, to deliver the robust, quality product and attract the partner companies or market leaders for sustainable partnerships.

It is his passion to face these challenges and assure win-win solution to both the partners. With this zeal he has brought in new B2B (Business to Business)platform which will support CMO`s, CRO`s and Third-party testing laboratories to resolve complexity associated with outsourcing and in-licensing business. This will result into building trust through quality product development, attract new business opportunities and build sustainable partnerships with envisioned companies.

Our Services

As the company name indicates, we catalyze your business processes to increase the rate of success. We are in the business to boost your business…!!

Backend Support

We have product support team composed of proficient scientists, regulatory experts and experts in various fields, who work closely with Contract Manufacturing and Contract Research Organizations to successfully develop products from the early conception stage till product filing.

Dossier / Product Data Technical Evaluation:

Our technical team evaluate product data / dossier (s) for various markets for its correctness and completeness as per regulatory requirements. We provide complete report on technical / non-technical gaps (If any) in the dossier. We provide complete guidance/support to close on technical / non-technical gaps (If any) in the dossier to be filed. We support in troubleshooting of all types of technical issues in product development and also related to Analytical method development and validations.


Product technical/commercial evaluation process involves data collection from in-house cross functional teams, compilation and to-and-fro mails / telephonic discussions with partner to close on gaps as per target market regulatory requirements. This will consume considerably high time which further extends the product cycle time. Organizations can submit the product data on our SSL certified secure database. This will allow partner companies to find all required product details at one place. Product data can be pre-evaluated by our technical teams against targeted market regulatory requirements and CMO / CRO`s can publish final dossier for partner reviews. Dossier will be provided to partner companies for review only after meeting pre-set requirements by those companies.

Product Development:

Contract Manufacturers can take our support at right time like early development stage/product ready to offer/ product under evaluation with partner etc. to increase the rate of product acceptance by partner companies. Every company target for first to launch (FTL) or to be within First Few To Launch (FFTL) to market. Proactive approach by Contract Manufacturing Organization and Contract Research Organization will always keep them ahead of competitors.

Audit Support:

Our experts will support with pre-audit and provide complete audit report for closure of gaps (If any) well before any major audit. Companies / Laboratories can go through the detailed profiles of expert(s) / consultant(s) and choose the specific subject expert.

Subject Experts:

We are publishing list of experts in various technical / non-technical fields on our website. Companies/customers can go through the detailed Expert profiles to understand the depth of subject experience. Experts in the field of Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals R&D, Analytical R&D, Quality Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Computer System Validations (CSV), Manufacturing Facility Audit and Quality Audit etc. can be made available on request. For fixing appointment, companies/customers can contact our Help Desk through “Contact Us” OR “Ask Expert” available on individual expert page.

Help Desk:

Our Help Desk team will get back to you at the earliest possible time for every request received from “Ask Expert” available on individual product and expert page or “Contact Us” page.


Frontend Support


Visibility (Product/Plant/Brand):

Visibility to right customer/partner is the key ingredient for marketing success, it is very much important to save time and money. Product data / dossier availability status shall reach to decision maker on a click. Manufacturing facility (Capacity and Capability) related information to be visible for all the decision makers. This shall support both the partners to develop sustainable business relations. Based on business case of product for targeted market, information about complete dossier availability and manufacturing capacity (Scalability) it shall be well informed decision making for partner companies.

Display of Product and Plant Data:

Dossier / Product detailed data availability information will be presented to partners / customers. Partners will be able to see the status of the product and data availability on a click. Multiple products and complete data availability status at one place. This will support fast decision-making process to shortlist the contract manufacturer / Contract R&D for particular product. On request by partners, we may provide complete dossier and technical support for in-depth evaluation of the product.


www.ucatalyst.com website is a B2B (Business to Business)market place for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Products. CMO`s and CRO`s can publish information about their manufacturing capacity and Research and Development capacity. This data base is first of its kind and shall be very supportive to Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical company’s strategic planning.


Advertisement to right decision makers will increase the probability of increased order book. Companies can use this platform to reach out to correct partners/customers. Advertising about technology updates, quality updates and compliance initiatives, data integrity solution implementation, updates in manufacturing capability/capacity, products/brands advertisement, Analytical Laboratory upgrades, capability development into particular R&D and analytical area etc. will result into increased order book. Right advertisement can also be used for Brand building for products and organizations.

Review comments and Rating:

Partner companies/customers will be able to provide review comments on individual product. Also, we are providing facility to rate the product on the scale of 1 to 5 star. Partner companies/customers can post the product link to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account with one click.

Help Desk:

Companies/customers can take support from our Help Desk by requesting information through “Ask Expert” available on individual product and expert page. OR by requesting information through “Contact Us” page.



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